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15 February 2007 @ 05:07 pm
Side Character Profiles  

Username: callofgod_npcs

Name: Corosa Nyem. Most just refer to him as Captain. Others call him Nyem. Anyone who calls him Corosa is looking to have their head shoved into their ass.

Gender: Male.

Age: Forty-one.

Magic: None. He tries to have as little to do with magic as possible, just because the supernatural makes him uncomfortable.

Reason for joining "Call of God": No one knows and he's not telling. Just because of the way he looks and acts, some suspect there's a romantic story in there somewhere.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: He's the captain, dammit!

Appearance: [picture] Plus grey eyes which are always half-closed, without fail. When they open all the way, you know Captain's completely and utterly stunned.

Background: When asked, Captain just sort of shrugs and mutters something about another kingdom on the other side of the eastern mountains (the Rudaines). The word 'soldier' is usually in there, too. But no one ever gets anything more than that.

Personality: Intense. It's rather frightening how attentively he can listen--when one pays attention to him. If one doesn't look carefully, he looks like he's half-asleep. Captain has all the expressiveness of a dead fish.

He has this huge sense of responsibility, to the point where most under his wing feel as if he wouldn't let them get hurt, ever. Or if they do, he does everything in his power to a: get them to safety b: save them and c: make sure it doesn't happen again. In a world where few people have enough heart for anyone but themselves, Captain cares and makes up for all of them. And that's also rather frightening.

Not like he shows it off most of the time. Most of the time, he's laid-back and would rather be sprawled in the grass, watching the clouds, than out doing whatever job he's landed the Callers in.

Likes: Watching the clouds.

Dislikes: Stubborn idiots. Not knowing things.

Other: Captain is a foreigner among foreigners. While the "old crew" Callers are foreigners in Askele, they've all known each other for years and their origins all lay in the same place. On the other hand, Captain is a foreigner even among them; just one who's spent enough time in their company and homelands to pick up on their language. People still always remember him as 'the stranger', though.



Username: callofgod_npcs

Name: Jidaci Cikrau

Gender: Male

Age: Thirty-two.

Magic: Yes. Jidaci is the Call's resident magic freak. He's out to master every aspect of magic that he can and he's actually doing pretty well. However, he and his magic are both not of much use in battle, because his first instinct in any fight is to run. And because he doesn't do well under pressure, he's pretty useless even if he does find enough courage to stay.

He doesn't really have a specialty in magic (unless you count being able to rave about it for hours and hours--even if no one's listening), and he's equally good in just about everything he does. Except for levitation, which he is pretty damn bad at.

Reason for joining "Call of God": Before, it was because he needed to get out of his home city (Ryrlia) but didn't know how. So he joined the Callers because, hey, they seemed to know what they were doing. Now he just stays on because it's the only 'family' he has left.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: Old crew!

Appearance: Like he just rolled out of bed. (More coming...soon.)

Background: Jidaci is--surprisingly--of noble birth. Though no one would be able to tell anymore, save for his slightly-more-sophisticated language which is still outmatched by Captain's. He was encouraged in his study in magic to the point where it became his life, which left him with some huge problems when his parents were killed in a riot and he was up next. Jidaci did the smart thing and ran the hell away, deciding that he couldn't stay in Ryrlia. The rest is history. (And in the 'reason for joining' section.)

Personality: Resident dork!

On the surface, Jidaci seems like a quiet but friendly guy. When you get to know him--or when you start on the topic of magic--he turns into this raving lunatic who runs around tearing things up as he tries to demonstrate the awe-inspiring powers of magic.

But he's still a dork.

Jidaci's also a huge pushover. He's extremely non-confrontational and tries to avoid fights and arguments, which ended up in the rest of the Callers realizing that they could bully him around. (As long as Captain wasn't looking.)

Not like you should ever trust Jidaci to do anything. If it doesn't involve magic, you can almost see the wheels in his head creaking very, very slowly--and the wrong way--as he tries to comprehend.

After that, he usually gives the dorkiest biggest smile he can and ask, "What am I supposed to do again?"

Likes: Magic magic magic magic magic magic magic magic. Plus chocolate.

Dislikes: Physical labor. Fighting. Arguments. Violence.



Username: callofgod_npcs

Name: Mukhari

Gender: Male.

Age: Thirty-two.

Magic: None! Mukhari can get along just fine without it, thank you very much!

Reason for joining "Call of God": One word--"Money". Now repeat that about a thousand times and there's Mukhari's reason for joining.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: Old enough to constantly reminisce about when he had more money than he does now.

Appearance: Messy black hair--on the left, it's been cut (badly) to just below his ear, and on the right side it's still grown out to his shoulder. He is very adamant about how his haircut is all Daynar's fault.

To cover up his missing right eye, Mukhari wears an eyepatch. His remaining eye is a freaky pale blue; his pupil is nothing more than an almost-white dot with a slightly darker outline. When asked about it, Mukhari mutters something about "damn mage". When asked about his missing eye, Mukhari proceeds to grab the nearest beer bottle and smash it over the questioner's head.

(deal with the crappy description for now! I'll cough out a picture. Later.)

Background: Mukhari refuses to talk. Probably just because he thinks it makes him seem more romantic and mysterious.

Personality: "Jackass" fits nicely. Even better than that is "insensitive". There isn't anything in this world that Mukhari wouldn't laugh at, whether it be someone's sense of fashion or a victim of abuse. Mukhari has no sympathy or empathy and sees no need for either.

It's doubtful that he has any emotions outside of sarcasm and scorn.

Oh, wait. Yes he does. Mukhari knows love. Love of beer, sex, and most importantly, money.

Mukhari will do anything for money. Though it's certainly landed him in some...interesting situations which he refuses to talk about now.

On top of all that, Mukhari's an atheist. That heathen.

Likes: (While reading the rest of this list, please put the word "money" on repeat.) Beeeeeer. Women. SEX. Lots of it. Aaaand...money.

Dislikes: Magic. Ewww. Homosexuals. Double ewwwww. Gods/Religion/Religious fanatics. The bloody stupid legend of the Call of God, as well as the bloody stupid name itself.

Other: Resident doctor! Sort of. He doesn't do his job very well...



Username: callofgod_npcs

Name: Daynar Sanuk

Gender: Male.

Age: Twenty-five.

Magic: Yes. In fact, in terms of skill, he's almost competition enough for Jidaci--and he does better in battle than Jidaci too. However, he has a very indifferent attitude towards his powers, which pisses Jidaci off to no end.

Reason for joining "Call of God": For the fun of it. (Not even for the money!) Daynar was always uncontrollable and always got his way, so when he decided out of the blue that he wanted to follow that weird band of foreign mercenaries, no one cared enough to try and stop him.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: Weeell...somewhere in between. Probably closer to 'new recruit'--he's only been around for three years, while most of the old crew joined more than a decade ago.

Appearance: (COMING SOON, DAMMIT. *weep flail die*)

Background: Peasant kid who fought his way up in life, until he was the captain of the city guard in Lauk, a city which wasn't even his home city until he was seventeen. However, due to his rather flighty nature, he didn't keep the job for long. Which was just fine by his standards.

Although he appears to be an extraordinarily talented genius who's good in everything he does, it's not talent or natural genius at all--he just works very, very hard. When he's not working on a job he's always training and practicing. Most of the other Callers have pretty much given up on ever catching Daynar sleeping.

Personality: Perky. Cheerful. Impossible to make angry, and boy have the Callers tried. He has a very casual manner about most everything, including his own skills, though one can't say that he's modest either. In fact, he's actually rather arrogant--not too obviously, but people notice that he acts as if nothing in the world could bring him down.

He's not very thoughtful of other people, to the point where it could even be called selfishness. If he makes a mess of things, he'll never think to clean it up himself and automatically assume that someone else will do it for him. If he needs to use a knife, he'll grab someone else's without asking them for permission, and when they get angry he defends himself with the excuse of "I was going to give it back!" The irritating thing is that he actually means it.

The other irritating thing about him is how damn good he is at everything. Bastard.

Likes: Fruit! Uhhh training? Practicing? Spears! Swords! Other sharp shiny things that cut!

Dislikes: Archers. (Damn them. Damn them to hell.) Boredom. Cranky people. Uhhh...not much else?



Username: callofgod_npcs

Name: Kana.

Gender: Male.

Age: Thirty-six, maybe.

Magic: Yes, a little bit. Mostly the ability to set things on fire. Especially heretics.

Reason for joining "Call of God": You really don't want to hear him explain. Really. You don't. Basically, it's because he damn well believes in the Golden Light. It's both sad and hilarious. Don't tell him that, though.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: Old crew here. So old, in fact, that he was the one who gave the group their name.

Appearance: Red-haired, black-eyed, dark-skinned, and big. When standing straight he towers over everyone, including the Captain, but is hunched over most of the time. Despite his size, he can easily make himself unnoticed. Kana lurks; he scuttles around in the corners and shadows and other Places Where Thou Shalt Not Stepeth.

Most people stay away from him if only for the fact that when he grins, he shows off two neat rows of gleaming white sharpened teeth. Very much like a shark, if Kana knew what a shark was.

Kana walks around in a heavy, drab robe, with the hood pulled up, covering most of his face in shadow. He also walks around a Bible huge Book, which, he claims, contains the Infinite List of Commandments. However, upon looking into this book, people usually realize that it is completely and utterly blank. Kana also claims this is because you are all filthy infidels not worthy of reading the Golden Light's Infinite List of Commandments.

Anyone who tries to point out how stupid this is gets beaten to death with the Book.

Background: Wanderer. He moved around as his beliefs changed, and they changed a lot. As a child, he raised by the monks living in the mountains of the Rudaines, whom worshiped the Rudaines themselves as their gods. Kana decided he didn't really like their life or their gods and left the Rudaines, traveling around, trying and leaving new religions the way others use and discard their friends.

The frightening thing was that every time he joined in a new religion, he actually believed in their beliefs with all his heart and soul--at the start. Then as soon as he realized their god(s, dess, desses, etc) didn't really suit him he would leave.

His mission in life was to find the religion that suited him--he damn well wasn't going to change his ways for a god, because the god was supposed to damn well change to suit him.

This is why he currently believes in the Golden Light--its presence in their lives is, er, non-existent depending on your theory, so he can interpret its commandments whatever way he wants.

Basically, he can make up his own damn religion.

Personality: Crazy insane muttering person who most people avoid, if they know what's good for them. The second anyone comes near he immediately tries to convert them, and if they refuse to convert he tries to set them on fire. None of the Callers really know why they keep him around, aside from the amusement factor of setting him loose on a new city, and, perhaps, for his single-minded obsession of 'righting the wrongs'. This usually includes finding people who have pissed him off and setting them on fire.

For a supposed priest, he doesn't do much of what most would consider 'priestly' work. Kana's process of going about doing 'priestly' work is complicated and has been known to have caused people's brains to explode, but on a most basic level it always winds up in someone's bloody demise.

Likes: THE GOLDEN LIIIIIIIIIGHT (repeat). The Book. The Commandments. Converts. Burning heretics, heathens, and cute fluffy animals alike.

Dislikes: Heretics! Heathens! Infidels! All Other Religions! Plus lots of other things.