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Call of God

or any deity of your choice

Call of God (or insert-deity-of-choice here): RP
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CALL OF GOD: an original RP
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   COMMUNITIES: the network
callofgod: main RPing community (friends-locked; posts only viewable when you are logged in and a member of this comm)

callofgod_ooc: main OOC community
   BACKSTORY: need-to-read info
In the beginning, there was nothing but darkness. Darkness, and the Golden Light.

Oh, great, he's getting started AGAIN.
Quick, shove this sock down his throat before he starts frothing and twitching.

Please read [the background information] post before joining!
   RULES: aka the holy light shines down upon you!

#1. Thou shalt not god-mod.
To god-mod is to forcefully write a reaction/action for a character that does not belong to you. Do not do this.

#2. Thou shalt not powerplay.
To powerplay is to assume that another character would react in a certain way, and write so. Do not do this either.

#3. Thou shalt use something called a Spell Check, and proof read thy posts before posting.
Please? XD

#4. Thou shalt draw the line between IC and OOC in thick pink marker.
Do realize that IC =/= OOC.

Just because someone's characer absolutely loathes yours does not mean that character's player loathes you. Also related to this, please don't get into fights with other players over IC matters, because that's just stupid. As in: "UR CHARACTER SLAPPED MINE! UR SUCH A BITCH!1!"

Somewhat less insultingly, just because you know something does not mean that your character does. If you're reading another post in which Character A gets killed, your Character B, who is two hundred miles away, is not going to think, "Suddenly, Character B realized that Character A was dead." (Not unless you've got a hella convincing reason. Soulbonding does not count.)

#5. Thou shalt decide on posting orders when Roleplaying with more than one other person.
Always decide this before starting a roleplay and STICK TO IT. DDD:

By posting order we mean:

  1. First post = Hika!

  2. Second post = Fukys!

  3. Third post = (chooses random name!) Tela!

And then no matter what, we go around in that little circle. Fukys after
Hika after Tela after Fukys after- Round and round and round and-


Posting orders can be established by simply sticking to the order in which people first respond (say: Fukys makes the initial entry, Hika logs on early and makes her reply, Kouya logs on a few hours afterwards and makes her reply. Thus the posting order is Fukys > Hika > Kouya.)

#6. Thou shalt respect other Roleplayers, and BE NICE.
*shifty eyes*

But please, play nice! This is a happy fun pretendy make-believe game! Not a "I HATE YOU GO DIE!" game. If you're having problems with one of the other players (or even the mods), please contact one of the mods: see [contact].

#7. Thou shalt keep OOC bits and pieces in the OOC Community (callofgod_ooc).
hiatus", "looking for some to RP with", "I have a question about...", etc.

#8. Thou shalt regularly check callofgod and callofgod_ooc
The main community to RP, and the OOC community so that you don't miss out on any IMPORTANT PLOTTY EVENTS we are organizing. You don't want to miss out on those, do you?

#9. Thou shalt be original and try to develop characters to thy best ability, or suffer the wrath of Fukys and Hika.
Flaws! Weaknesses! Anti-speshul-snowflakes!

And no already-existing characters! Like Naruto, or One Piece, or Bleach, etc.(or, as Fukys puts it: NOSASUKES!!! (shot!))

Don't say we didn't warn you. (insert evil music of DOOM here)

#10. Thou shalt be granted the right to create as many characters as needed...

...so long as thou art able to keep up with all of them.

#11. Thou shalt put every single effort into being active!

  1. Update ALL character journals at least once every two weeks!

  2. An RP post will also be considered an update!

If the need to go on hiatus arises, please post a notice in the OOC Community and tie up all RPs your characters are in. IF NOT, members will be allowed to POWERPLAY said character so that the other characters can move on to something else. :D

#12. GO AWAY HOMOPHOBES. (Suddenly, all godly-sounding language POOFS!)
(/IS SHOT!!!)

#13. Be creative! (screw you, godly-sounding language!)
Make up your own theories on the Golden Light! Create new religions for your character! Breezily mention exotic places far on the horizon! Who knows, maybe we'll use it for plotty purposes!

However, please run all new additions to the world/plot through the mods first (preferably through callofgod_ooc, to allow other members can share their input as well), so we make sure we can incorporate it in without ruining anything. :)

   HOW-TO-RP: the basics of this comm
The RP Community!

Every journal entry within the community (callofgod) itself is a Roleplay.

Anyone can start a roleplay.

The initial entry will contain the following information:

  1. The Starting Post (i.e. a post outlining the situation one's character
    is in for that current roleplay! "HE SAT DOWN AND ATE A CHEESE

  2. Character restrictions (i.e. "Only open to Character A and B" or "Open to All" ... etc)

  3. Anything within that same roleplay MUST be posted as replies to that particular journal entry!


The OOC Community!

The OOC community is for everything that is NOT RP. If you have questions, comments, plot ideas, ramblings, whatever, you can post them there. We're not very strict on the OOC community. Even completely useless conversation is welcome! (Well, to an extent...it should probably be related to the RP. XD)


The Character Journal!

Character Journal: a normal blog/journal/livejournal created by the player of said character :D Usually people will create an entirely separate journal for the SOLE PURPOSE of being that character's journal.

...'nuff said.

Every character created should have their own journal!

This character journal should be updated at least once in two weeks, as noted in [rules].

Roleplay does not take place within a journal, but characters are to feel free to reply to journal entries!

   JOINING: character applications
Don't forget to read [the background information] post!

All character applications should be sent to the e-mail address provided (in the email section of callofgod's profile) for screening, and must contain both of the following:

After you've filled this application out and sent it to the email address provided, the mods will email you back as soon as possible (within, at the most, 5 days--if something comes up we will notify you beforehand, again through email).

If you've been accepted, go ahead and create your character journal, and then [join the main comm] and the [OOC comm]!

Then go to [here] and copy-and-paste the following list (to friend all character journals and communities):

Check this profile/list frequently, because we'll be updating it with new members!

   CHARACTERS: accepted and sidecharas
These are characters already accepted and in play, as well as the sidecharacters!

Key: journal - name - profile - player profile - AIM/YIM/MSN username


Player Characters
soundtosilence - (Rochra) Sound - profile - Fukys - AIM: Failed Once, MSN: not_kanjii@hotmail.com
black_slaughter - (Giarkh) Blackened - profile - Fukys - AIM: Failed Once, MSN: not_kanjii@hotmail.com
telaina - Siena - profile - Tela - MSN: drawinggirl@hotmail.com
hikahika - Kale Aerrons - profile - Hika - MSN: hikari_yagami86@hotmail.com
saquichejournal - Saquiche - profile - Kouya - MSN: mystic_iceblade@hotmail.com
sanityisoptiona - Cross - profile - Sanityisoptional - MSN: warcry132@hotmail.com, AIM: fishydastupid
risa_zephyr - Zephyr - profile - Zephyr - MSN: wesley1001@hotmail.com


Side Characters
callofgod_npcs - Corosa Nyem - profile - Mods
callofgod_npcs - Jidaci Cikrau - profile - Mods
callofgod_npcs - Mukhari - profile - Mods
callofgod_npcs - Daynar Sanuk - profile - Mods
callofgod_npcs - Kana - profile - Mods
   CONTACT: the mods
Feel free to contact the mods if you have any questions/problems/concerns:

MSN: hikari_yagami86@hotmail.com

MSN: not_kanjii@hotmail.com
AIM: failed once (rarely online)
E-mail: rethraco@gmail.com</ul>

   CREDITS: for various things
[Resurgere]: for the images used in the headers and dividers.

ofthesea: for the original layout codes.

Kale for finally naming this RP. *snort*
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