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15 February 2007 @ 04:24 pm
Character Profiles  

Player Name: Sophia

Username: soundtosilence

Name: Rochra, no last name. However, he goes by 'Sound' now--or whatever people choose to call him, as he can't tell them what his name is.

Gender: Male.

Age: Twenty-four.

Magic: Yes; he's fairly adept and can do most things, though he's more proficient in wind-based spells (which includes, to an extent, levitation) than anything else.

Reason for joining "Call of God": He's on the run from Lord Sonovosk Valaunt of Rothrise (a city in the same kingdom as Askele) for "attempted murder" of Lord Sonovosk's youngest sons (twins).

If anyone asked Sound about it, he'd have said that the twins started it by drawing their swords on him.

The twins (known for being unbelievably honest) are quite certain that it was Sound who started it, by hurling rather big rocks at them from the rooftops. Rocks which were still there when Sonovosk sent another one of his sons to investigate.

Sound, of course, claimed that they were all lying bastards.

He happened upon the Call of God a few hours after they arrived in Askele. Because joining offered him protection against the Valaunts, he automatically volunteered himself in. This process was further hastened by the fact that there were still men from Rothrise chasing after him.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: New recruit.

Appearance: (will do soon!)

Background: Sound was part of a rebel resistance in Rothrise, and that the Valaunt twins captured him and gave him over to their father. Lord Sonovosk tortured him for information on the rebellion, but Sound was so loyal that he cut out his own tongue to stop himself from betraying his ideals.

At least, that's what he claims.

Anyone who lived in Rothrise could tell you that Sound was tongueless long before he attacked the Valaunt twins, and it was because he spent a few years as a pirate. During one of those few years, he stupidly put a knife between his teeth while working during a storm. The ship lurched and the blade went through his tongue.

This is most definitely the real story behind Sound's muteness.

It is also the reason why he is no longer a pirate.

Before all that, Sound was one of many street urchins in Rothrise, and remained that way for all of his childhood. Certainly some interesting things happened to him in that time, but those interesting things also happened to many others of his like.

Personality: Liar. Liar. Liar.

Sound is a habitual liar. He will lie about anything and everything, even if he doesn't get anything out of it. No one knows why, least of all himself. Mostly people suspect it's because he gets a huge kick out of seeing what happens when someone finally realizes they've been fed a whole shitload of lies.

He is also unobedient, and will flat-out refuse to do anything he doesn't feel like doing, even if it were the gods themselves who had given him the order.

Patience is non-existant. Sound gets frustrated more easily than most people, because he's of the mind that since he has to work so hard to get his point across (when he chooses to), everyone else should be trying to make things easier for him. In other words, Sound is very convinced of the fact that the world revolves around him.

Unfortunately for him, that's not true.

When he gets frustrated, he makes sure that everyone else's life becomes hell, too.

And yes, Sound does kick puppies.

Likes: Beer. Being better than you. Revenge. Really windy days.

Dislikes: Being ignored. Getting his message mis-interpreted. Stupidity. You.

Other: No tongue! No speech! Can't write either, or use sign language. As a result, communication between Sound and anyone is hard. He tries to do it through expressions, weird noises, drawings, and mad hand-waving skills.



Player Name: Sophia

Username: black_slaughter

Name: Giarkh, but he hates that name and calls himself Blackened/Black.

Gender: Male.

Age: Twenty-two.

Magic: No magic. Whenever someone else casts magic on him or very near to him (within a foot or so), he becomes overcome by a coughing attack. At times these are so severe that he has trouble breathing and can't do anything else, except start planning the bloody death of that mage.

Reason for joining "Call of God": </b></b>Blackened joined because he was present at one of the (many) fights that broke out between Askele's citizens and the Callers. The Callers were worse off and Blackened immediately freaked out over their injuries.

This wasn't the only reason why he chose to join, though. He also decided to become their doctor because he needed money badly. Mostly because he needed money badly.

And because he was thinking ahead and giving himself an opportunity to remove himself from danger of being executed for murder.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: New recruit.

Appearance: (will find link soon!)

Background: As a doctor, Blackened somehow got ahold of the notion that he should be understanding (which is far from the case with most everyone, but try telling him that).

This was all well and good, except that he was brought up in the company of his father, several of his unmarried uncles, and his grandmother. His grandmother and father were both the reasons why he rarely came into contact with anyone of the opposite gender; they were both bitter over more than a few failed marriages on his father's part, and Blackened subconsciously came to the conclusion that all women were arrogant, sinful, and evil, to be looked down upon.

When he grew older and was no longer under the tyranny of his guardians, he tried to go out into the world and understand what it was about the female gender that made them so terrible.

Blackened failed hard. He ended up killing women who'd simply frustrated and angered him beyond hell. Currently, the count is at nine murders and he's beginning to worry if anyone will find out, because that last murder was the wife of a very rich Askelean merchant.

Personality: Twitchy. Nervous. Paranoid. Blackened jumps at everything and anything, including his own shadow. He ends up grinning unsurely a lot. When around women (and sometimes children), he ignores them as best as he can.

However, if you ever manage to anger him, he switches between hysterical laughter and screaming rage. And then usually throws himself headfirst into a fight, regardless of how outmatched he usually is.

Blackened is also obsessive. Mostly this shows when he's around anyone injured; he'll stalk them day and night to make sure they heal properly, and goes to extreme measures to stop them from doing anything that would cause them further injury.

He has a crippling fear of open spaces and will panic if forced to step foot alone into any large, empty place. This is why he has rarely ever stepped foot out of Askele.

Likes: Anything vaguely alcoholic. Obedient patients. Anesthetics. Needles.

Dislikes: Stupid patients. Water. Emptiness. Anyone of the female gender. Magic. A lot of other things.


CHARACTER SHEET: SIENA Player Name: Tela Username: telaina

Name: Siena (She has no surname...never needed one!)

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Magic: None, she fails!

Reason for joining "Call of God": Money and sparklies and money!!

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: New recruit!

Appearance: She stands at a mere 5 foot with tan skin and wavy red hair that comes just below her shoulders. She generally wears clothing in neutral colors to be as inconspicuous as possible. She cares about her looks only because people were offended by her dirtier look. It’s far easier to trick people into giving you things when they can’t smell you from a mile away. She’ll at least bath when she starts to smell herself :D

Background: Though she was born in an uncivilized land of natives, her family was not originally from there. The simply felt like living as the natives lived. Apparently they liked dirty, poverty stricken places. Her mother and father were quite the adventurers so she was often left to her own in the village. Not such a good idea, it turned out. They left her no way to fend for herself so she resorted to stealing. She couldn’t help having an attraction to shiny, valuable things that she could trade with. The natives absolutely hate her but she was a good enough thief that they couldn’t catch her.

She left the tribe at twenty because she was tired of the jungle. After a year or so in various cities, she found that she missed her home. Not only did she miss the jungle, but she also missed the laid back (and few) laws of the village. Most people she met were taken aback by her uncivilized ways. She tends to revert into old native habits when she’s flustered and it got her in trouble (yet again) many times. She has gotten into quite a bit of trouble since moving but she somehow found a way out of it every time she was caught. She obviously had no money so she ended up doing whatever she needed to do to get it. Anything for money and valuables. Her particular liking for all things shiny and sparkling gets her into the most trouble.

Now, she’s searching for more ways to get money and shiny things and this had led her to “Call of God”.

Personality: Siena isn’t really mean but her actions tend to come off as such. She’s rather friendly if you can get past the bad manners. Most would say she’s annoying because she likes to talk. Quite a bit, especially when she’s excited over something. She's extremely curious, adventurous, rather fearless and will explore anything that no one knows about. She doesn't typically care what people think and if they disagree she just throws a rude word or gesture their way and laughs. She tends to be crude and ill mannered but she doesn’t know any better since she hasn’t lived in a civilized city for all that long. She gets bored easy but it doesn’t take much to amuse her either. Give her a rock and she’s entertained for a good half hour.

Likes: Valuable things, shiny things, stealing, talking, extreme weather, sugar, exploring.

Dislikes: Laws, rich people, vegetables of any kind, being told what to do.



Your name: Hika

Username: hikahika (AND KALE KILLS HIKA FOR GIVING HIM HER LJ USERNAME. I'm too lazy and not creative enough. Accept it or DIE, Kale! DDD:)

Name: Kale . Aerrons (He does not remember his family name anymore.)

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Magic: None. Though he does have something for lock-picking and other similar ventures. Kale prefers to believe that it is his own talent, and nothing to do with Magic.

Reason for joining "Call of God": Money. Kale probably also believes that The Golden Light is just a pile of golden coins, shining in the sun. Or roasted chicken, coated with honey, with a fine crisp ski- You get the picture.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: New recruit

Appearance: (I'll finish the picture later. Live with text for now. The text version is probably more accurate, since anyone I draw ends up SPARKLY!) Red hair, messy with strands that stick out at odd-angles and refuse to submit to any form of slicking down. Wetting them works... but only for a few minutes. Wine-red eyes, or a rusty brown colour, to make things sound less sparkly and romantic. Slightly tanned, skinny, with prominent bone structures that show through and give him an overall pointy-feel.

Background: Abandoned by his mother – whom he really doesn't remember anymore – in a busy marketplace after the day his father's small merchant business collapses and sends his family rolling into a state of poverty, Kale then resorted to thieving and pickpocketting to survive, uncovering a talent he himself didn't know about until then. This talent soon became a habit, and even when he is not hungry (this does not happen often), Kale cannot stop his fingers from slipping into shopping baskets and pockets to grab at the shinies. Because thieving soon became a relatively high-risk activity, once he was old enough to bluff his way into jobs, Kale then started working in every single business possible, stealing from his employers and probably getting fired when he was found out. Either that or he was just too annoying a little brat for people to bear with him for long.

Personality: A realist and an egoist put together, Kale strongly believes that nothing else is more important than money, food (especially meat!) and his own well-being. Thus he can be bribed very easily, so long as he feels the reward is worth whatever hardships stand ahead of him. Kale does not like getting into trouble, and he will stay out of trouble by all means, even if it means shameless sucking up to and grovelling with people he feels either are a threat, or might be of use to him for protection and other matters. He is also not a risk-taker, and to an extent can be labelled a coward, because he will not attempt to do anything he feels might put him in a silly, stupid, or life-threatening situation later. Whether or not that will truly be the case, Kale does not care. The only exception for the following is when there is a reward he feels will make the risk worthwhile.

Relationships are good to Kale, because being in a good relationship with someone means that there is less of a possibility that said someone would come running after him with a knife. He will refuse to give up anything emotionally or in a materialistic sense, however. Kale likes receiving, but he hates giving, unless he is very sure that him giving up something will result in said someone giving him something MUCH better.

Of course, because humans make mistakes, there are times when Kale finds himself stumbling into a risk, or into an unsafe relationship where he has to give up more than he is receiving. When that happens, he runs away, and gets very cross with himself.

Is otherwise a relatively childish kid(?) with a very crooked grin, seemingly carefree, laid-back and very easygoing. Because he dislikes getting into trouble, it is not often you see him getting into a serious quarrel with anyone. He will also lie shamelessly when needed. Kale likes talking, and can unleash a storm of (probably random) sentences and words on anyone nearby just for the sake of annoying them, if necessary. He knows his limits and will stop before the situation gets too dangerous for his safety however.

Likes: Money, food (especially meat!), free gifts, alcohol.

Dislikes: Hunger, lack of money, giving other people things.



Your name: Kouya

Username: saquichejournal

Name: Saquiche

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Magic: Yes; Mild illusions. Just enough to distract another person. It's a convenient little trick he uses often for various situations. It's so natural that often times it's hard to tell he's even using magic.

Reason for joining "Call of God": Reason number one might be "for fun", but since that reason is probably not very satisfying, he claims that he needs the money. Though really, wouldn't it be fun joining along on varying odd jobs that often strayed off course of the norm?

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: Probably counts as a new recruit.

Appearance: [Picture] If needed, he will change his eye, hair color and clothes to make things easier for himself or if it's part of business, like undercover for instance?

Background: Both of his parents are dead, though he's long gotten past the loss and those weak feelings have all been chucked over the edge of a cliff into a deep deep valley where he will never find them again. He was forced to live with his aunt and uncle at that age, but he hated them to the guts and wanted to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. Of course, Saquiche was smart enough by then to make them like him just so life would be easier.

Lying wasn't hard. But over the years it became easier to add some depth to those lies and keep them there for a long period of time. He didn't want to flaunt himself and make himself obvious though, and so he often disguised himself, lightly, just to keep himself low and out of the way.

He's been an independent teenager ever since the first years he moved into his aunt and uncle's house. He barely went back to that house but always had good reasons that still gave him the 'good boy' image. His hobby was to trick money off of other people on his times away and gradually became expert.

As for sexual preference, he's always disliked girls and women. Starting from his aunt. Other occurances traumatized him as well. On the contrary he found boys rather attractive, though he was smart enough not to show that off to the world. But somehow he's always been able to find the right people and who knows how many secret relationships he's had up until now.

When he was 15, he finally convinced his aunt and uncle he was old enough to strive for himself, and he roamed around, tricking money, and living his own damned life of boring yet interesting crap. He heard about this whole 'Golden Light' thing and the 'Call of God' and was interested not for the religious side of these people but just the idea of joining and the rumours he'd heard about what they did.

Why not? He was bored.

Personality: Fake. He can alter many expressions but they are fake fake fake. The regular everyday person who passes by him on the streets sees a young man who has a peaceful smile on his face and seems to think about all the meaningful things in life. The regular everyday person who sees Saquiche often will think that this is a young man often smiles but must have his sorrows somewhere deep inside.

You irregular not-so-everyday person who's seen enough of Saquiche (for various reasons) will think that this is an insane young man who smiles but is thinking of thoughts that they wish they couldn't guess but they can anyway.

There aren't very many of those.

Saquiche roams around freely doing whatever the hell he wants. He's normally not picky with that he gets when situations are bad. But if he pinpoints a target (most of the time say, a guy) it's highly unlikely they will get away without Saquiche getting a large portion of what he wants.

He holds incredibly horrible grudges. You don't want to be on his black list.

Though depending, you might not want to be on his... *cough* target list either. He turns quite gay when that happens. *cough*

Even though Saquiche is good at disguising and tricking others with fake expressions and lies, if somebody is so clever as to counter his approaches and push him back down, the shock that comes to him might not be so little. Saquiche seems quite strong, and probably is, but there still that inner surface (oxymoron) that is fragile.

Likes: Butterflies, big warm blankets, money, MALES, wit, disguising

Dislikes: Crows or other large black birds of its kind, FEMALES, unmendable stupidity, people who think they're oh-so-smart (different from wit)

Other: Saquiche has, to some extent, some medical skills that may be useful.



Your name: Call me what you will :D

Username: sanityisoptiona

Name: Cross

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Magic: None, though his stoic resistance to pain and inhuman vitality almost seem magical.

Reason for joining "Call of God": He was young and he needed the money. Now, he’s just stuck and fucked.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: veteran

Appearance: Cross doesn’t look a day over twenty, and was gifted with a slender, graceful body. He abuses it regularly, charging headfirst into fights and coming out with more scars than a workshop of half-assed carpenters. His spiky, snow white hair and blood red eyes give him an exotic appearance. So exotic, that some come to wonder about his humanity...

Background: Cross doesn’t care to divulge. All people know was that he’d been a mercenary since they’ve met him, and he seems to have much experience as one.

Personality: An oddity, to say the least. To outsiders, he appears to be a sword-swinging cutthroat of a mercenary, selling his services to the highest bidder. An extremely blunt and crude, speaker, he doesn't make many friends, but doesn't care much.

People who live long enough to get to know him realize he’s not cold-blooded, but rather quite the opposite. He does everything in his life with a passion. Love with passion, hate with passion, rage with passion, bitch at the retarded company leader guy to change the name with passion. Has absolutely no respect for privacy or personal spaces, so those who he works with shouldn’t be too surprised if he suddenly enters their room or engulfs them in a great bear hug. Or when they feel his hand in their pockets, grasping for spare change.

Also, extremely absent-minded. He’s been in the company for years, but he still doesn’t remember everybody’s names. Or, really, anybody’s names. Still doesn’t have a clue how the place is organized. There might be a captain somewhere. Probably that weird old guy who resembled a dead fish.

Likes: The bloodier jobs he gets sent on, fire, smithing, cheating.

Dislikes: The many odd jobs he gets sent on, “Call of God”, women, gay men, straight men who mistaken him for a woman.

Other: Always wears a black metal cuirass, with matching gauntlets, graves, and helmet.



My Name: Zephyr

Username: risa_zephyr

Character Name: Risa. Last name unknown.

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Magic: Yes. Latent, undeveloped. Unable to manifest at the moment. No plans whatsoever for it.

Reason for joining "Call of God": Needs to make a living. Doesn't fit in with the rest of society.

Is your character a new recruit, or an old veteran: New to Call of God. Has some battle experience.

Appearance: Ear-length, messy red hair and a face so thin it's nearly gaunt. Has dull brown eyes and a thin pointed nose.

Background: Born into a poor family, she was abandoned shortly after she was brought into this world. She spent her life on the streets (or rivers) and made a living through robbery, brawls, and jobs of questionable nature. Living in the rougher parts of the slums, she's seen her fair share of fighting and isn't a pushover, even though she's had no formal training.

Personality: Sullen and apathetic. Her only concern is making a living and surviving to tomorrow. She values self-preservation beyond all else, and won't take a job if it were unreasonably dangerous.

Likes: Money, food, her knife, her throwing knives, the poison on her knives, and her lockpicks

Dislikes: Ideals, chivalry, naiveté, nobles, royalty, carefree attitudes, hypocrisy, condescension

Other: Typical slum-dweller turned mercenary. Highly agile.