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15 February 2007 @ 05:20 pm
Player Profiles  

Name: Sophia! (Or Fukys. Or Rethraco. Or Kanjii. But let's just use Sophia for the sake of our sanity, mmkay?)

Gender: Female!

Timezone: GMT +8 (China-time?)

How active will you be?: I'm usually free for a few hours every day on weekends, and an hour or two during the weekdays. Enough time to allow me to make a few posts a day, anyway. :)

Regarding sexuality: Perfectly fine with homosexuality! However, I won't RP porn. Smut. Cyber. Sex. Whatever you want to call it. (I'm underage, ahahahaha.)

E-mail: rethraco@gmail.com

Instant Messenger: MSN: not_kanjii@hotmail.com, AIM: failed once (but I don't use it often)



Name: Tela, Tellie, Hey You or Holly...I don't care which one you use.

Gender: Female Timezone: GMT-6 aka USA central time. Bleh.

How active will you be?: Quite often. I have loooots of spare time at work so I'll check periodically throughout the day and some at night.

Regarding sexuality: </b>*snort* I don't care. I'm fine with Homosexuals, Heterosexuals and Asexuals.

E-mail: drawinggirl@hotmail.com

Instant Messenger: MSN: drawinggirl@hotmail.com



Name: Hika

Gender: Female!

Timezone: Er. ERRR. DDD: What the hell do you call this timezone?! Oh wait. Sophia had it in hers. *COPIES AND PASTES* GMT +8. Bleh.

How active will you be?: Unless homework is suffocating me, I'll usually be able to check back every day. I usually check in the evenings, from 6 PM~10PM, depending, according to above timezone. DDD: Hopefully this means I post everytime I check, but er... XD

Regarding sexuality: WHUT. IT'S THE GAYNESS THAT BROUGHT ME HERE- *is shot* (cough) Anything past kissing and Hika is out of there though. Partially because I'm underage, partially because I get VERY embarrassed (heck, I can blush and heisitate typing a scene where characters HOLD HANDS), so no smut. Not in the RP anyway. XD I'M OPEN TO BRIBES IF IT'S A PRIVATE MSN CONV- *is shot again!*

E-mail: hikahika.fdy@gmail.com

Instant Messenger: hikari_yagami86@hotmail.com



Gender: Female

Timezone: GMT +8 (Taiwan)

How active will you be?: Everyday from 8:00pm ~ 12:00 are all possible times. Occasionally the early afternoons are okay.

Regarding sexuality: By all means, SHOW ME THE GAY. All the characters I've ever created in the past two years have been male for a reason. Most of them are gay already. I am okay with RPing in a homosexual relationship as well~

E-mail: phrixtyle.kunoichi@gmail.com

Instant Messenger: MSN - mystic_iceblade@hotmail.com



Name: Sanityisoptional

Gender: Male

Timezone: GMT +8

How active will you be?: Everyday :D

Regarding sexuality: Dun care.

E-mail: warcry132@hotmail.com

Instant Messenger:
MSN: warcry132@hotmail.com
AIM: fishydastupid



Name: Zephyr

Gender: Male

Timezone: GMT+8:00 (Taiwan)

How active will you be?: Varies according to workload incurred from school. May be as often as checking the RP 5 times a day to as inactive as no movement for a day or two. When midterms/finals roll around, will probably be inactive for 3 days or so.

Regarding sexuality: No issues at all. Can play a homosexual character if so required.

E-mail: spectralflames@gmail.com

Instant Messenger: MSN</b>, wesley1001@hotmail.com